How to harvest kale

Here’s a short and sweet post on how to harvest kale. The type of kale in this video is of the Dwarf Blue Curled variety and it’s great for growing in smaller spaces.


  • Allow your kale time to grow, it usually takes a plant at least 60 days to reach maturity UNLESS you are harvesting baby kale to use in your salads, then you only need to let the kale grow for about 25 days
  • Harvest the oldest leaves first, these are the ones near the bottom of the plant
  • Be sure to leave 4-5 leaves so that the plant can continue to convert that sunlight to energy
  • Cut the leaves with scissors


  • Harvest the leaves from the top of the stem, these are often smaller leaves that grow toward the top/middle of the plant, because doing so will stunt the plant’s growth and it will stop producing new leaves
  • Rip the leaves off by hand

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